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Jun 10, 2021

Welcome to the County Fair Podcast! This is the podcast where fair influencers share their valuable insights, strengthening and growing the long-lived tradition of the county fair.


This week, Christina and Jeffrey are joined by Laura Moore, a long-time fair consultant! Laura helps fairs plan and run their operations smoothly across California.


Recently, Laura retired from the Stanislaus County Fair after working with them for the last 28 years. Now, she’s focusing on the fairs that need help getting up and running after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In this conversation, Laura shares her incredible wisdom and experience around what it takes to get a fair started and the operations behind the scenes. She speaks about what it takes to put on a good fair, how to get started as an exhibitor, and what you can do to reboot your fair after the tumultuous year that we’ve all experienced.


Topics of Discussion:

[:00] About the County Fair Podcast.

[:19] This show is brought to you by ShoWorks.

[:40] Today’s scripture.

[:59] About today’s episode with Laura Moore.

[1:20] Christina and Jeffrey welcome Laura to the podcast!

[1:34] How many fairs is Laura currently working with? What role does she play in helping fairs plan and run their operations smoothly? 

[3:13] How is Christina helping fairs get their feet back on the ground after such a tumultuous year?

[5:40] How important is it to provide opportunities to exhibitors with respect to their futures in agriculture?

[6:43] Laura shares why fairs are so important and have so much to offer.

[8:29] Why agriculture education is such an important part of county fairs and how it helps children.

[10:24] Why educating how everyone is impacted by agriculture matters when we’re talking to the leaders of tomorrow.

[11:45] At what size does a fair need to begin thinking about having a staff?

[14:50] Laura’s advice on how to get involved with your local fair.

[17:49] Laura shares a once-and-a-lifetime fair story!

[21:18] About the County Fair Podcast’s sponsor: ShoWorks.

[21:36] Whether it’s a parent or a child that has never entered a fair as an exhibitor or attended a fair period, what advice would Laura give them to get involved?

[22:44] Laura’s new advice to those looking to start up a new fair.

[31:32] What did Laura learn over the course of this year? What lessons will she implement moving forward?

[33:23] Jeffrey and Christina thank Laura for joining the podcast!


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God Moment

“I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” — Jeremiah 29:11


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