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Jun 3, 2021

Welcome to the County Fair Podcast! This is the podcast where fair influencers share their valuable insights, strengthening and growing the long-lived tradition of the county fair.


In this episode, your hosts, Christina and Jeffrey, are joined by Lauri King! Lauri is the Deputy Manager of the Big Fresno Fair and has been leading the fair since 2003.


In their conversation, Lauri shares about her role as Deputy Manager of the Big Fresno Fair, the history and traditions of the fair, and how the fair has adapted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond her role as Deputy Manager, Lauri also shares her family’s longstanding traditions with raising cattle and goats, her advice to other parents on how to help their children prep for their first show, and why attending county fairs are a valuable experience for youth.


Topics of Discussion:

[:00] About the County Fair Podcast.

[:19] This show is brought to you by ShoWorks.

[:39] Today’s scripture.

[:59] About today’s episode with Lauri King!

[1:20] Lauri gives an introduction on the Big Fresno Fair.

[2:25] How long has Lauri been working at the Big Fresno Fair?

[2:41] How Lauri’s role at the fair has developed over the years.

[3:56] How soon after concluding a fair do they begin planning for the next year’s fair?

[5:20] Lauri shares about the changes they had to put in place so that the Big Fresno Fair could happen this year during the pandemic.

[8:22] Lauri shares why county fairs are so special to her and so many other people.

[9:47] Was the Big Fresno Fair Lauri’s home county fair?

[11:30] Does Lauri continue the livestock tradition with her family?

[12:13] What other livestock do Lauri and her family raise?

[12:55] In running Big Fresno Fair, what are some tips and tricks Lauri has learned with regards to prepping to show at a fair?

[14:22] Are they keeping any of the new practices from this year’s fair going forward?

[16:57] About the County Fair Podcast’s sponsor, ShoWorks.

[17:15] The key community players that are helping the Big Fresno Fair be possible this year.

[19:17[ How many people are on the staff for the Big Fresno Fair currently?

[20:00] How many volunteers do they regularly pull in for the fair? And how many temporary positions do they hire?

[20:54] Lauri shares about one of the major pieces that they learned having persevered through a pandemic.

[24:20] Lauri’s favorite county fair memory.

[27:18] Taking off her fair director hat, Lauri shares advice for other parents looking to get started in helping their children show at fairs.

[30:23] Jeffrey and Christina thank Lauri for joining the podcast!


Mentioned in this Episode:

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God Moment

“The threshing places will be full of grain; the pits beside the presses will overflow with wine and olive oil. I will give you back what you lost in the years when swarms of locusts ate your crops.” Joel 2:24-25


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