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Jul 15, 2021

This week, your host Christina Rudolph is joined by a special guest (and an old friend), Sherri Hooper!


Sherri wears a lot of different hats and has her foot in many county fairs! Since 1993-2018, Sherri has been involved with Chilifest, earning herself the title, “Chilifest Mom.” She also runs her own traveling vendor with her daughter, has worked on the Area Go Texan fundraiser, and much, much more!


Conducting today’s interview sitting in the historic Catalena Hatters store in Bryan, Texas, Christina and Sherri watched as their famous hats were getting made. Sherri speaks about what she loves about volunteering and working with various county fairs; her involvement with Area Go Texan; her favorite memories traveling county to county, helping to craft incredible events; the key components of what makes a fundraiser successful; her traveling vendor business, the Texas Rose Boutique; and all about the incredible Chilifest fair!


Topics of Discussion:

[:40] About today’s episode with Sherri Hooper.

[1:17] Christina welcomes Sherri to the podcast!

[1:23] Sherri shares some background on who she is and what she does!

[1:47] Sherri shares how she first got involved with the Gonzales community in Texas working on their local show and helping the youth.

[2:19] What Sherri loved the most about working in the various counties with Area Go Texan.

[3:00] Sherri’s favorite memories of traveling county to county, helping craft incredible events.

[3:38] What Sherri was most proud to be a part of with Area Go Texan.

[4:36] The key components of what makes a successful fundraiser.

[7:10] How to make a silent auction successful.

[7:54] The most unique auction items that Sherri has ever seen.

[9:24] About Chilifest and why Sherri loves it!

[12:49] The challenges of communicating with, recruiting, and managing volunteers.

[17:01] About ShoWorks.

[17:19] The power of a positive attitude.

[19:28] How Chilifest will be different this year, coming out of the COVID pandemic.

[22:33] Sherri shares what her life looks like as a traveling vendor with her daughter.

[25:30] What Sherri looks for as a vendor to determine if she’s going to attend a fair or event.

[27:39] Christina thanks Sherri for joining the podcast and Sherri shares some final words of wisdom for listeners!


Mentioned in this Episode:

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Area Go Texan | Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Catalena Hatters


Texas Rose Boutique


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